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age-related eye disease

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 Older adults who eat fatty fish at least once a week may have a lower risk of serious vision loss from age-related macular degeneration, a new study suggests.

The findings, reported in the journal Ophthalmology, do not prove that eating fish cuts the risk of developing the advanced stages of age-related macular degeneration, or AMD.

But they add to evidence from previous studies showing that fish eaters tend to have lower rates of AMD than people who infrequently eat fish.

They also support the theory that omega-3 fatty acids -- found most abundantly in oily fish like salmon, mackerel and albacore tuna -- may affect the development or progression of AMD.

AMD is caused by abnormal blood vessel growth behind the retina or breakdown of light-sensitive cells within the retina itself -- both of which can cause serious vision impairment. AMD is the leading cause of blindness in older adults.

There is no cure for AMD, but certain treatments may prevent or delay serious vision loss.

A U.S. government clinical trial found that a specific high-dose mix of antioxidants -- vitamins C and E, beta- carotene and zinc -- can slow the progression of AMD that is in the intermediate stages, and doctors now commonly prescribe it for such patients.

Whether fish or omega-3 supplements can stall AMD progression is not yet clear. But a follow-up to the U.S. antioxidant trial is now looking at whether adding fish oil and the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin to the original supplement regimen brings additional benefits.

For the current study, Bonnielin K. Swenor and colleagues at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore analyzed data from 2,520 adults aged 65 to 84 who underwent eye exams and completed detailed dietary questionnaires.

Fifteen percent were found to have early- or intermediate-stage AMD, while just under 3 percent were in the advanced stage of the disease.

Overall, Swenor's team found, there was no clear relationship between participants' reported fish intake and the risk of AMD. However, there was a connection between higher intake of omega-3-rich fish and the odds of advanced AMD.

Study participants who ate one or more servings of such fish each week were 60 percent less likely to have advanced AMD than those who averaged less than a serving per week.

That was with factors like sex, race and smoking habits -- which have been linked to AMD risk -- taken into account; women appear to be at greater risk of AMD than men, while whites are at greater risk than African Americans and smokers face a higher risk than non-smokers.

Still, the findings do not prove that omega-3-rich fish bestowed the benefit.

"While the current research indicates that a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids can reduce the risk of late AMD in some patients, more research is still necessary," Swenor told Reuters Health in an email.

She pointed out that this study was "cross-sectional" -- meaning it assessed participants at one time point, rather than following them over time to see whether self-reported fish eaters were less likely to develop AMD. So it is not clear whether participants' reported diet habits preceded the development of the eye disease.

The study also relied on people to accurately recall and report their typical eating patterns, which is subject to error.

Nor is it clear, Swenor said, why greater consumption of omega-3-rich fish was related to a lower risk of advanced, but not earlier-stage, AMD.

For now, she suggested that people with AMD discuss all their "dietary options" with their ophthalmologist.

In general, though, eating fish regularly is considered a healthy move. The American Heart Association, for example, recommends that all adults aim to eat fish, preferably fatty varieties, at least twice per week, for the potential benefits for heart health.

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Folk beliefs deliberated

Folk beliefs, including Feng Shui and Mazu belief, are being discussed by experts as to whether they are intangible cultural heritages (ICH), a Chinese culture official said Wednesday.

"Moves to include or exclude China's folk beliefs as government recognized ICH must be thoroughly discussed," said Vice-Culture Minister Wang Wenzhang.

He made the comment responding to whether Feng Shui would be nominated for the UNESCO Representative List of ICH at a news conference Beijing.

Wang said the government had sought and would continue to seek expert advice, but ancient practices and beliefs such as Feng Shui required much research and deliberation.

According to Wang, protection of folk beliefs were being considered in the drafting of a law aimed to protect the country's ICH.

China has the largest items on the UNESCO ICH list.

Wang said the government had spent 1.789 billion yuan (about 260 million U.S. dollars) on a series projects aimed to protect the country's ICH.

He also said China would continue to cooperate with neighboring countries to nominate shared arts to UNESCO ICH list and stressed protection took priority over nomination.

The co-nomination of China and Mongolia Urtiitn Duu, or traditional Folk Long Song, an expression common to both Mongolia and China, was proclaimed a UNESCO intangible heritage in 2005.

Wang said China was working with Vietnam on another co-nomination, but he did not provide any specifics.
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Coffee reduces weight

Coffee reduces weight
There are two in the best period when coffee of office reduces weight: Between an hour, taste a cup of strong coffee without sugar and companion 30 minute behind the lunch, facilitate digesting after a meal, promote the fat to burn.
Before coming off duty, drank a cup of coffee more, then cooperated and walked, can consume the surplus fat.
The knack that coffee reduces weight:
Don't add the sugar. If you are not used to the bitter bad smell of coffee, can add a little milk, but must not add the sugar, because the candy will hinder the resolving of the fat.
The hot coffee has results more than the ice coffee. The hot coffee can help you to consume internal heat more quickly.
The light degree of coffee cured has a result most. Cure coffee with high temperature, though taste is strong, there is less caffeine content, unfavorable to reducing weight, but the American coffee that taste is lighter relatively helps to reduce weight.
Black coffee is the best healthy coffee, have a result very much in reducing weight. A cup and 100 grams of black coffee has 2.55 kilocalories of heat only. So drink a cup of black coffee after the meal, can decompose the fat effectively. In addition, the function of black coffee more favorable urine, can also promote cardiovascular circulation. To women, black coffee has cosmetic function. During the process of boiling the black coffee at high temperature, will produce an anti-oxidant compound, it facilitates the anticancer, resists aging, even there is function of preventing cardiovascular vessel disease, can match in excellence or beauty with fruit and vegetables.
Working clan make coffee by oneself:
Apparatus: Automatic coffee-maker, glass
Material: Cure the best coffee by drying it over a fire freshly
Make: Fill ice-cubes with in the transparent cup, quench the black coffee into into.
Small key:
1,Use two copies of coffee, when the hot coffee just finished is quenched into the ice-cubes, will make the ice melt, coffee taste will turn light.
2,Can make one pot coffee keep at one time ,It is convenient to quench it into the cup directly while making ice coffee the next day. 
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It is the most fashionable how to drink

It is the most fashionable how to drink
1.Vodka +  Orange juice:
This one popular law of drinking most, vodka it let people recall one desolate Siberia always actually, the protagonists of men and women have been drinking one and having a buffalo grass to steep the vodka inside too in " Suzhou River ".
2.Sesame Chinese a person +  Icy the green tea +  Soda:
Actually the whiskey was a section of very strong wine, the net drunk is nearly burning the belly under the throat, so even wine trader will recommend you want to concoct soda water of one time. Can reach to the bar, this is matched interestingly somewhat, must ice the green tea, can't use the icy bleak tea, it is good with this brand of Chef Kang yet. The result is just in tea of bone of a share of celestial tunnels is fragrant, alcohol is entered quietly.
3.Pure white Hennessy +  Soda water:
Hennessy that I know very well is one of four major brands of the cognac, this pure white Hennessy does not know can be in its product series. Being always very proud, Frenchmen if learn Hennessy is concocted like this, what impressions are not notified and done.
4.Jack Denis +  Coke:
How easily to drink, take, depend on personal taste on earth it will be association in coke, Denis of Jack, it is similar but it is said to have abroad "  World No. one "  Products,it is the by name the outstanding however, as its name suggests,that Jack Denis add by coke in principal ingredients.
5.Lamb wine +  Gin +  Tang LiShui:
Both section of wines are very strong, it is the flame ragingly to mix even more. Both section of wines are very limpid, it is calm that mix together. Thus, on drinking eyes of people, water, and fire to have no departure.
6.One hundred favourable the sweet wine +  Soda water:
It is very adventurous that the woman drinks, its image either especially degenerating, or very beautiful. All associations of one hundred favourable sweet wine are for catering to ladies, except add soda water, can also even be with the milk!
7.Various schools of thinkers need Lamb wine +  Coke:
Why can rise from such an association with revolutionary passion out in I am startled and misted in the eyes showing the effects of drink. See all clear conscientiously later, produced in Cuba various schools of thinkers get Lamb wine run into U.S.A. coke of freedom, in fact there is some lovely harmony in this world conflict swirl too, for example Castro and Clinton all like cigars, there is free Cuba of this cup.
8.Pulque +  Lemon +  Salt:
This American aloe orthodox law of drinking most in fact, select, drink, stand up, feel towns and villages all over the country very much. Remember seeing it when " born in July 4 ", there is a section of pulque in Mexico, having steeped an insect in every cup, people fill a wine cup for sb. to annex, vomit the insect ruthlessly, very cool. 
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So stop over

  Little to it takes to be already over twelve o'clock in the street with old man while being beautiful, little to say I should go home while being beautiful. Though old man is still a bit unwilling, has played for a whole day, he really feels tired. He for being little to block vehicles of taxi send off little to go back while being beautiful, then oneself ask one come back home even while being beautiful in crossing.     
    Leave the old man and really want to go home small and beautiful, but her biography is sounded on the car, it was the shopkeeper wife of the mini-bar that called, the following code with guest. Small to bow, see new garment and touch the hair just made, wave the face in front of that group of nonlocal young ladies intentionally while being beautiful, let the driver turn around to that mini-bar.     
    So stop over, sit down again in a platform, night has been already very deep. This platform does not sit suitably at night, several pieces of drunken youth are fresh with a girl very roughly to young ladies in the parlor, it is really very tired to deal with these people.     
    Have waited at the roadside for more than ten minutes and has not seen the taxi either after coming out, has still sat in the back of a young lady's motorcycle getting back to the road by the square small and beautiful at the end. Very quiet on the square, the noise and excitement in daytime is cleared off. Need to pass through the attic from square to another side small and beautiful. It is still very calm in the small beautiful heart while passing through the square, she comes back very late until every day, she is familiar with the noise and excitement of the square, is familiar with the quietness of the square too. Flower bed to approach square little to expect hair that make just until parlor odd broken boys confound just now while being beautiful, a bit unhappy in the heart. Think of song Qin again quickly when being unhappy, mood quickly depressed to come the limit.     
    Really very quiet on the square, only the small beautiful high-heeled shoes full " click click " that send out on the cement road . The little and beautiful shade is smaller and smaller when close to the flower bed, only have small rolling left finally. At this time small to hear something suddenly while being beautiful, she later, see black group getting many one on the ground yet. Spine at this moment cool to come down after being small and beautiful and whole terrified, she turn round subconsciously, one stick very strange rod from behind strike in head of her.    

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why do you want to go

Just this year, according to Mao Zedong's great strategic plan, social general mobilization, begin to dig class' enemy resolutly, catch the active counter-revolutionary. I must return to the office of Chengdu. From Beijing, I go to say good-bye to Kang TongBi's mother and daughter.

"Small and foolish, why do you want to go? Accompanying how good your Papa and Mama are! " Tong Kang ancient piece of jade say shake the head, flow, emerge discontented clearly.

I do not know how to explain one's own dangerous situation to the elder person, Luo YiFeng sees me show signs of reluctance, say to mother: "The small and foolish office has lived in Beijing so long, will certainly go back in Sichuan, should take the salary of these months back at least. "

"Go, bring the salary, and then go back in Beijing. Come back to live in my home, I am welcomed at any time. The salary which you drew, spend keeping oneself. Or else, give to Papa and Mama, here is still eaten freely. I strive to retaliate. "

We three have all smiled. I promise Kang TongBi, once arrange the odd job thing well, return to Beijing immediately and still live at her place.

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This decision

The president will order to change the new packaging at once.  
Just think, every morning, each consumer pushes out of the toothpaste 1 millimetre of thicker than before, how much will volume of consumption of the toothpaste appear more every day?  
This decision, the turnover of one year has increased by 30% to enable this company subsequently.  
When attempting to increase the sales volume of the products, most people always make a fuss about developing the market, winning more customer respects over by any means in a more cost-effective manner, if you change the brain, increase the patron's volume of consumption, can achieve the same goal.    
Philosophic theory 127a¤ in life    
Can look at problem in another perspective, see the disappearing of people, is good at breaking through the routine, create.  
Sell the comb to a Buddhist monk  
There is a big company with quite good benefit, determine to further expand business scale, the high salary recruits marketing is in charge of. A dozen advertisements will come out, the applicants gather. In the face of numerous applicants, the person in charge of the recruitment work says: "The looks horse is not so good as horse-racing. " In order to select  
Pull out high-quality marketing personnel, we publish the examination question of a practicality: Try every possible means to sell the wooden comb to a Buddhist monk. Most applicants feel puzzled and is puzzled, even angry: Monk's tonsure is a monk, is it used that what want the wooden comb to have? This is not mentally deranged, embarrass people on purpose? After a while, the applicant leaves in a huff in succession, nearly disperse. Only there are three applicants left finally: Jack, John and Bill. The person in charge explains three applicants left: "Within the limit of the 10th, please sell the achievement to report to me when the time comes. "  
10 dates arrive. The person in charge asks Jack: "How much is sold? " A: "Once. " "How was it sold? "  
Jack has told what went through worked hard, and the grievance abused and pursued and attacked by Buddhist monk. In order to meet a small Buddhist monk while going down the hill, are scratching the dirty and thick scalp with strength while getting sun. Xiao Yin has a brainwave, hurry passing the wooden comb, the small Buddhist monk is filled with joy after using, then buy it.  
The person in charge asks John again: "How much is sold? " A: "10 times. " "How was it sold? " John says he has gone to the ancient temple of a famous mountain. Because of mountain high wind being heavy, the hair which enters the fragrant one is blown messily. The abbot that John has found the temple says: "It is with dishevelled hair and a dirty face of course. Should put, for good man good woman to comb the hair on the temple wooden comb in front of each incense burner table of temple. " The abbot has adopted John's suggestion. There are 10 temples in all on that mountain, then buy 10 wooden combs.  
Person in charge ?ú?ú asks Bill again: "How much is sold? " A: "1000 times. " The person in charge is amazed by and asked: "How was it sold? " Bill says, he has much great reputation, burning incense's extremely prosperous remote mountains treasured temple to reach one, many of pilgrims, alms giver is in an endless stream. Bill says to the abbot: "All come to enter the fragrant persons who pay homage to, have a pious heart more, the treasured temple should present a gift in return to some extent, in order to commemorate, bless it to be safe and lucky, encourage it to do more good deeds. I have a batch of wooden combs, your calligraphy is superior, can carve three words first, then can make gifts. " Being with great rejoicing, abbot buy 1000 wooden comb immediately, ask Bill live for a short period of time a few days, attend for the first time giving ' accumulate and good at and comb ' ceremony together. Get construct, advocate peace pilgrim is very glad, spread from mouth to mouth, pilgrim more, burning incen


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